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End-to-end IoT solution for your business

The Sensix Solution

A complete IoT setup that provides ambient and energy insights into your building’s activity. Monitor, analyze and take business decisions based on your data.

Sensix Devices

Sensix Ambient

Low-power IoT device for air & atmosphere quality. Monitor what matters for your business—CO2, temperature, humidity, and more. Make improvements based on data.

Sensix Devices

Sensix Energy

The better half of our complete solution links to your electric meter. Permanently audit your energy usage to help you adjust costs and spot faulty equipment. Prevention comes first.

Sensix Software

Sensix Dashboard

A place to visualize, process and acquire insights from the data collected by both types of devices. Monitor your parameters of preference and set up alerts to stay in the know.

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Site deployments

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Is tracking energy consumption of industrial equipment among your priorities?

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Do you want to run your facility more efficiently and reduce operational costs?

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Are you looking for optimal indoor environment conditions? Do you want to have happy and productive employees?

If your answer is ‘yes’ to any, we can help you.

Sport and activities

Arena Aquasport

One of the biggest sports facilities in Timisoara uses Sensix solution to improve customer satisfaction and prevent business downtime.

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Real Estate

Eco House

Ecoliving Project real estate developer uses Sensix to prove the efficiency of a recently launched eco-friendly house concept—maintaining a healthy indoor environment while having low utility consumption is now possible.

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Schools Project

School management invests in Energy & Ambient infrastructure aims to ensure high-quality ambient for students and teachers while reducing energy costs.

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Remote ambient and energy monitoring

You don’t have to be there to make sure everything is alright. Be informed at all times. Contact us to get a custom quote.

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Gamifying Mindful Energy Consumption in Public Schools

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It’s not common for Romanian public schools to implement on-site high-tech IoT solutions, yet there is a first time for everything. On this occasion, we have been invited to take part in a new promising project that would facilitate energy consumption education and improve air quality for both the students and the school staff.

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